Dec 05 2015

Get your garden ready for the new year

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Nothing like a new year to make you want to freshen up your garden. Making sure your outdoor living area looks its best, will bring a new outlook to the start of the year. Follow the following guides to make your garden ready for 2016.

Ready your lawn

Your lawn is the backdrop for your garden. Keep it fresh and tidy by giving it a good mow and snipping the edges. Make sure your lawn gets sufficient water by either fitting water sprinklers or watering your lawn with a hose at least once a day. Cover up brown patches by adding a bit more water and good soil.

artificialgrassTidy your plants

Tidy your plants by cutting off dead leaves and pulling out the weeds. If you have plants that are not growing, pull them out and plant a new. Make sure you give your pots a good clean and hose down, to make sure they look shiny and new.

Throw away rubbish

Throw out any old gardening equipment that is not in use. If you have old garden furniture, place it in your shed or better yet give it away.

Clean your garden furniture

If you have garden furniture or a bird bath, give it a good clean. If its made of plastic, you could give it a good wipe down. For wood furniture, clean it down and give it a few coats of varnish to make sure the wood stays in good condition. Add a splash of color with a bright umbrella or a table cloth.

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