Jun 06 2015

5 Well-Thought Out Garden Recycling Tips

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Gardeners are guilty of being hoarders. You can find odds and ends piled and tucked away just in case they’re needed later. This is a good practice.

Recycling in the garden can not only bring out your innovative best but also save you a fortune. So, here are 5 well-thought out garden recycling tips:

artificial grass1: Fizzy drink bottles

You can use fizzy drink bottles as cloches to cover plants. First, cut the bottoms off. Then place them over plants to protect them from the weather. Unscrew the lids for ventilation. Also, this will prevent them from getting too hot during summer.

2: Old Compost Bags

There are many uses for old compost bags. You can use them as rubbish bags or even split them open to suppress weeds too. Better still, you can grow potatoes in them. Or use them to line raised beds not before you make drainage holes first.

3: Lollipop Sticks

One excellent use for iced lolly sticks during summer is to use them as garden markers. In particular, you can label plants with these sticks if you’d like.

4: Toilet Roll Holders

This item is perfect for growing vegetables that need deep rooting. Some of these veggies include peas, carrots and sweet peas. All you have to do is add compost and sow seeds at the top of the tube. When placing them outdoors, plant the entire tubs in the soil and let it decompose.

5: Egg & Plastic Milk Cartons

Cutting the bottom off a milk carton at 45 degrees will turn it into an effective soil scoop. Make sure you keep the piece with the handle in place. You can chit seed potatoes using egg cartons.

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