Aug 07 2012

Synthetic grass for sports fields

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Synthetic grass is a popular choice for sports fields, residential yards, and commercial lots. By investing in this false grass, a lot of money can be saved in the long run. Most artificial lawns come with an eight year warranty; however, the life expectancy is usually greater than twenty years.  Since this “grass” does not require cutting or watering, maintenance costs are reduced significantly. The turf is unaffected by extreme weather conditions, such as drought. If excessive rain floods the field, a 30”/hour drainage system is employed. It is also unaffected by dogs or other animals doing their “business” on the sod. No burning, discolored, or destroyed spots will appear, nor will odor or mildew. Composed of Polyethylene, rather than Nylon or Polypropylene, these fibers are resisteant to UV rays and have great endurance.  Artificial grass turfis delivered quickly and easy to assemble.


When compared to natural grass, artificial grass turf has many more benefits. It is resistant to consistent use and wear; whereas, natural grass requires a recovery period between excessive use and damaging weather conditions. Synthetic grass retains a healthy, uniform look where natural grass must be maintained and managed in order to keep an appropriate length and healthy color. When safety is an issue, artificial turf is proven to lead to fewer injuries due to its forgiving, resilient, rubber texture. Playing on a natural surface may be uneven, slippery, or muddy and a hard, abrasive surface is the unfortunate contact if a child or player is to fall. Overall, artificial turf is the best choice when it come to utility, appearance, safety, and performance.

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