Aug 04 2013

4 Commonly Asked Questions About Trees

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While it can be beautiful to have a number of trees in your garden, there are times when they can prove to be a problem in more ways than one.

So, here are some 4 answered questions that will help you protect your trees in the process:

#1: Which trees are more prone to damage from a storm?

While there are several reasons why trees can weaken, species such as Bradford Pears and White Pines tend to break far more easily, thanks to being unable to shoulder heavy loads . As for Norway Spruces, they uproot much more easily. As for other reasons such as cracks, poor branch attachments or irregular trunk diameter, it’s best to call for the services of an Arborist.

#2: How close should you plant a tree to your house?

There are two factors that should determine how you should plant a tree to your house: the species as well as its size when mature. Of course, you don’t have to worry about its roots going through your foundation or even damaging your home from below. What you need to be careful of is pushing up walkaways, driveaways, blocking windows, casting dense shade that will kill grass as well as growing onto and over your roof.

#3: How can we tell if a tree is dead or dormant?

There are a number of ways by which you can tell. First, all trees in the United States have leaves by the month of May. If by June there are no buds, it has died. The second thing to do is check if there are buds and whether they soft and moist or dry and crumbly. If they are absent or dead, your tree is dead. FInally, use a fingernail or knife to cut off the bark off a stem, and if you don’t find green tissue underneath, it is definitely dead.

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