Oct 04 2013

3 Things to Keep In Mind When Gardening Green

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The true definition of green gardening is working with nature so as to produce a garden of our choice rather than manipulate it to get what we want.

With that in mind, here are 3 things to keep in mind when gardening green:

#1: Carry out a site evaluation without fail

Avoid skipping the site evaluation just because you have the picture of a particular garden in mind that might not be practical at all. Sooner or later, you’ll find that no matter how much you fertilize your garden, your plants will not grow as you would like them to.

#2: Take care of the soil

As the old adage goes, “Feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants”, you’d end with great looking plants in the short term but also it will self-sustenance of your plants and the soil in the long run. Of course, using synthetic fertilizers are also an option but it’s only a temporary fix. As for organic fertilizers, one can use them to add nutrients to the soil while feeding the plants as well.

#3: Don’t use the sprayer for everything

When small problems arise, you have to be discerning instead trying to spray the problem (which is usually not understood) away. First identify whether it is a problem at all or what the problem is before opting for pesticides. Understand whether it is an insect or disease thatis causing this problem. Depending on whether it is a fungi or instrument, you can use a fungicide or an insecticide accordingly.

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