May 04 2014

Why you should walk on the path and keep off the grass

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Believe it or not, your grass can get pressured and stressed if it’s constantly stepped on. Imagine walking in a national park, you’ll find that trails are darker and flatter than other grassy areas. That’s because people keep walking over it, and the act of walking over grass actually slows down or completely destroys its growth. If grass is being constantly walked over, grass would eventually die out. And that’s why you find that trails usually don’t have so much grass over them. The same principle applies to your home garden. If you keep walking over your grass, you’ll find that the patches that are being walked over appear to be less healthy than the other patches of grass in your garden. This would end up being an eyesore to an otherwise lovely garden. To prevent this from happening, you should provide footpaths in your garden that will allow you to get from your garden to your home without having to step on the grass at all. You can choose to put tiles on your garden, or stones that are cut into shapes and sizes that would be easy for people to walk over. Apart from saving your grass from being stepped on, walking paths would also add to its overall style and design. The outcome here is a garden that looks more elegant as well as beautiful too. You can also try out different patterns and styles for your walkway. Go with a straight path or a curved path.

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