Apr 06 2015

Tips to start guerrilla gardening

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Guerrilla gardening has gained some major prominence recently in towns and suburbs. This type of initiative is motivated by the fact that people are more and more seeking to embellish their surroundings, even when it comes to planting on abandoned lands and places.

Finding a plot of land

In order to start guerrilla gardening, you would first need to find an appropriate and suitable plot of land. This is very important before planning to start Guerrilla gardening. The appropriate plot might be an abandoned spot in the park or the garden of a public place. After choosing the suitable plot of land for your gardening, then your next duty is to take note of the condition of the land you have chosen.

Type of plants

Next, you need to determine what types of plants you want to use in your garden. This step is very critical. Generally, perennial plants are mostly suited for this type of project. However, hardy plants would also be appropriate as they can thrive with intermittent care. You might also consider choosing plants that would naturally grow in that area. The ideal plants would also need to be inexpensive and impactful plants. You might want to consider the condition of the plot of land that you would be growing on.


If you are a beginner and are starting out with gardening, especially Guerrilla gardening, you might want to plan and note down your gardening objectives. You could also consider forming a group along with experienced gardeners in order to ensure the success of the project.

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