Dec 05 2014

Starting a Garden With Containers

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If you do not have a garden or do not have a lot of space in your green area to start a full-fledged garden but want to grow your own food, you could consider starting a garden by using containers. The steps below might be useful to help you get started.

Find the Containers

If you intend to grow your plants on a patio, you might consider buying pots from garden centers. You could also recycle old pots and pans that are deep enough to hold the soil and plant. You might have to drill holes in the containers in order to allow them to drain excess water correctly.

For indoors gardening projects, window baskets would be a better alternative as you would be able to hang them outside or inside your windows. You would also be able to move them in or out depending on the weather and temperature.

Choose Your Plants

The plants that you choose would be determined by the amount of light received in the zone where you want to place them. If you have plenty of sun then you could happily go for vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. If you receive a moderate amount of sun it would be preferable to opt for herbs, lettuce, radishes or kale. These plants would not be requiring that much sunlight. Getting started with starter plants might be less risky than starting with seeds.

Get Your Soil and Plant Your Garden

You might want to research on the soil requirements of each plant in order to determine the right mix required by each of them. You might want to get organic potting mixes from gardening stores.

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