Aug 05 2015

4 Tips to Keep Pests Out Of Your Organic Garden

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Invasive pests is one of the biggest challenges that organic gardeners have always faced. Yet it’s not impossible for one to maintain a truly organic garden minus the chemicals used elsewhere.

Here are 4 tips for organic gardeners to keep pests out of their garden:

1: Use Fabric as Cover

You can use floating row covers to prevent a number of species from damaging plants and eating your fruit. Some of these species that will be kept out include squirrels, birds, caterpillars, aphids, moths, words, beetles among other invasive species too.

atrificial grass2: Release ladybugs into your garden

Ladybugs operate as a living, non-toxic pesticide since it has an affinity for almost every insect known to man and more. A single ladybug is known to eat at least 5000 aphids during their lifetime apart from bugs, insects and much more. In fact, the larvae are even hungrier than the adults but they never touch the produce of the garden itself.

3: Try Using Sticky Traps

This is another effective option as it traps bugs with special colors with the objective of killing them. Several simple materials can be used for this: paper, wood, plastic wrap, spray paint and a sticky adhesive substance that you can get from the garden supply store.

4: Produce Your Own All-Purpose Insect Spray

Made from non-toxic (but spicy) substances such as hot pepper and garlic oil, there are other ingredients that can be added to do the trick such as essential oils, non-toxic dish soap and glycerin. You can find a number of recipes over the Web and that should work fine for your garden.

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