Jul 05 2015

3 Simple Tools to Deal With Weeds

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If you have a garden with fast-growing weeds, then you might feel tempted to use chemical pesticides.

This is probably due to a lack of knowledge about alternative techniques and tools. But there are non-toxic weed control methods that are available.

Now, there are two types of weed control: preemergence and postemergence. While the former deals with prevention of weeds in the first place, the latter shows you how to manage and eliminate existing weeds.

Here are 3 simple tools to deal with weeds:

1: Weed Pullers

These specialized diggers help you to remove weeds from the ground. Some of these model come with a handle so that you don’t even have to bend over either. In most cases, and with sharp tines or prongs that are handled by a hand crank or foot pedal, you can grip the weed and yank it out with a pulling or twisting motion. Make sure you look for a model that help you pull out the weed along with the least amount of soil.

 artificial Grass

2: Natural Herbicides

For those people who consider spraying, you might want to use natural herbicides. One of them is Safer’s SuperFast. It is made from soap. But more importantly, it is one of the least toxic pest control products around. When used, weeds wither within minutes. Of course, perennial weeds will require a few more applications.

3: Flame Weeders

This tool helps with weeding along fences, in turfs as well as pavement cracks too. No matter which model you opt for, all types burning propane from a refillable tank. In fact, most of these models are also used by firefighters to deal with backfires. Now, it’s not necessary to burn weeds completely in order to kill it. Just pass the flame over the weed for about 3 seconds and give it a day or two.

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