Oct 04 2012

What You Need to Know About Fake Turf Grass

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With a growing number of people opting for an artificial lawn these days, there are very definite reasons as to why this has become a popular choice. This type of grass looks just like the ‘real thing’, but is actually composed of synthetic fiber.

There are a variety of applications that it is used, from the popular sports surfaces at stadiums to the lawns that people can install at their homes. When it comes to the latter, the use of natural grass can incur several costs, such as regular maintenance, ranging from dealing with ‘bald patches in your lawn to using a lot of water to keep it healthy.

With fake turf grass, none of these tasks have to be carried out, as no matter what the weather is, the grass is able to still maintain its sheen unlike natural grass. So not only do you save money in avoiding these tasks, but you also save on your precious time.

Recently, some researchers have also found out that by installing this type of grass, you can also prevent the large amounts of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides that are used to keep the natural lawn looking fresh and green. These materials can be deadly to both the environment and to our health, as they are known to cause cancer and other diseases.

If you think about it, this type of grass avoids that complication entirely, as there is little or no maintenance that is required, even if the weather conditions haven’t been too friendly of late.

If that’s not enough, artificial turf prices and the cost of installing such a lawn are, in most cases, much less than a natural grass lawn of the same dimensions.

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