Jan 05 2016

How to plan a vegetable garden

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Growing a vegetable garden in your home is a great way to save some money and enjoy the pleasures of growing vegetables that are pesticide free. Growing your own vegetables can also be fun and if you have kids, it is a great way to teach them how to grow and take care of plants. Here are a few tips to consider beforehand;

What to grow- Start small with a range of vegetables that grow throughout the season. Think tomatoes, peppers and squash. Later on you could branch out into vegetables like, carrot, radishes and corn, which only produce once a year.

Space- Decide on the space you would like to use for your vegetable garden. If you choose to grow your vegetables in pots, you could even use a balcony or deck.

Assess your space- Remember that your vegetable garden should have the following;

Sun – At least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight

Water – Vegetables need water in dry weather. Plant your garden near a water source.

Soil- Vegetables grow best in soil that is moist, well-drained and rich in compost. To test your soil start with soaking the soil with water. Then wait a day, take a handful of soil and squeeze it. If water comes out, you will need to add a bit of compost. Also check the soil once you open your hand. If the soil hasn’t formed a ball and the sand falls apart, the soil is most probably too sandy. If by some chance your soil forms a ball and breaks like chocolate cake. You have the ideal soil for planting.

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