Oct 04 2014

How to care for your artificial grass

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Artificial grass requires low maintenance and is highly durable. To ensure that your lawn lasts longer and looks better, you might follow the following tips.

Remove debris

Debris can be in the form of leaves from surrounding plants and other deposits that might have been blown by the wind. You could remove the debris regularly using either a brush, a leaf blower or by hand. Other minor accumulations such as pollen and dust be easily be removed by spraying the area with water or the rain will take care of it.

Remove stains

During summertime, you artificial grass might be prone to stains such as sauces, drinks, cooking oil from your barbecue or suntan lotions. Foodstuff stains can easily be removed with some detergent and water while stains caused by suntan lotion or nail polish would require mineral spirits and grease spot removers. Rinse the spot with warm water after removing the stain to drain any residual chemicals.

Apply weed killer every year

Think about applying a weed killer or herbicide treatment on your artificial grass at least once a year. This will help prevent the growth of weeds and will drive away the formation of moss as well.

Keep an eye on your pets

Organic matters such as any possible animal defecation should not be left on the artificial grass as well as this might start emanating odours. Animal droppings can easily be washed off using detergent and some warm water. If your pets are often urinating on your artificial grass, you might use special artificial grass deodorizers.

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