Sep 03 2012

Fake Grass: Affordable and Effective

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Have you ever pondered turf? Maybe the word generates images of football stadiums, or some other sports complex. To me, the word turf implies a whole world of possibilities. Think about it. Humans have engineered fake grass, next thing you know there will be 3-D technology that doesn’t require glasses (Oh, wait).  The world is advancing fast, and it’s a struggle to keep up with a society that is changing as fast as ours is.


There is definitely a promising future for the turf industry. A few years ago, my high school decided to buy artificial turf for its football field. I thought it was a questionable move at first, after all, our old field served the football and lacrosse teams just fine in the past, but after its completion the whole thing made a lot more sense. Our football stadium was beautiful, and we proudly displayed the Bull, our school’s mascot, in the center of the turf and never had to worry that the wear and tear of the practicing sports teams would damage the field.

In time, I would imagine that the artificial grass prices would pay for themselves. Our turf field wouldn’t need to time and labor involved in maintaining a natural grass field. The players were happy. Before there were holes that players could injure themselves on, or unevenness in the field that tipped the game in one team’s favor. As artificial grass becomes more common, it will be interesting to see what other synthetic green avenues await us in the future.

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