Nov 05 2015

5 Tips to Set Up a Small Home Garden

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There’s more than one reason why you should consider a home garden. For one, the prices of vegetables are increasing. If that’s not enough, harmful pesticides are commonly used these days.

Yet it’s not that difficult to grow a few common vegetables. Here are 5 tips to set up a small home garden:

1: Start small

There’s every chance that you might not have a lot of space in your backyard. Or this is because you live in an apartment. Of course, once you get started, you might want to give up, thanks to a few roadblocks that people experience. So, start small and probably with either mint or tomato.

2: What should you plant

Of course, this is based on what vegetables you grow the most as well as the amount of space you have for a garden. There are a number of options available if you do not have enough space. They are mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers, mint, basil and tomatoes.

artificial grass3: Watering Schedule

You can easily run an internet search for the ideal water measurements. Of course, you can ask people who have tended to a kitchen garden too. Just remember: aerating and draining away water is just as important.

4: Weeding

Without a doubt, weeding your garden will be very important. For this, you have to watch out for small insects that can harm your crop. So, ensure that you weed on time.

5: Where should you keep the plants

If you are planning an indoor garden, make sure the plants are kept in places where there is natural light. This could either next to a window or even in the balcony. Just remember that too much light can turn out to be a problem.

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