Aug 16 2012

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to traditional grass

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Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to traditional grass fields.  How many times has one shown up to play a sport on a field that has dirt spots, grass clumps, or a dirt trail running down the middle of a field?  Nothing can change the way a sport or game is played more than having to perform on a terrible field.  Playing a soccer game and trying to pass a ball to a team mate without it taking weird bounces all over the place can be extremely frustrating.  Not to mention, how annoying and embarrassing is it to be fielding a ground ball in softball or baseball and for the ball to hit a patch of grass or dirt and change directions and go past making oneself look like a fool. We don’t all need to be known as another Bill Buckner.

Without the regular maintenance required to keep a grass field in excellent condition it can quickly be ruined.  Unfortunately, most field owners simply do not have the time, resources or money available to keep their fields in excellent condition.  This is where the option of synthetic turf comes into play.  By having a turf field the need for regular maintenance such as grass cutting is immediately removed.  Their will no longer be clumps or grass or dirt spots.  Rather, there will be a perfect roll to every ball on that surface.  They have even gotten to a point where turf looks like fake grass and even for grass purists playing on it can be enjoyable.

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