Jan 06 2015

4 Easy Plants To Grow In Small Spaces

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If you have a limited space in your garden or just want to grow plants indoors, you might be on the look out for plants that thrive in limited spaces with minimal amount of sunlight. Fortunately, the benefits of gardening can still be reaped with some plants. The list below might help you in your choice.

Peace Lily

This plants survives amazingly well even in dim light. It has even been dubbed the “Closet Plant”. The plant would in fact tend to be damaged by direct sunlight so you might want to avoid any overexposure. This plant does not require copious amounts of water. An indication that it needs water would be when its leaves start drooping.

African Violet

This plant is quite low maintenance and stays healthy quite easily. This is an indoor plant and does not require much sunlight. Maybe a couple of hours of exposure to the sun in the morning might be sufficient. The soil should be kept moist and you might want to avoid overwatering.


Cacti are known as desert plants and as such they do not require much watering. In fact, a cactus is better kept in an unglazed clay pot so that the clay can absorb any excess humidity. The plant should be watered only about once a week and kept in a bright area.


The begonia is a great indoors flowering plant. It is tough and low maintenance, making it ideal for the indoors. These plants prefer cooler temperatures but still thrive in sunny areas.

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