Sep 04 2013

3 Gardening Practices To Avoid

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Every gardener over time develops his or her own unique gardening style which stems from the climate, the landscape and most importantly, taste. However, this does not necessarily guarantee a healthy garden.

For this, one must make adjustments to their gardening practices in order to achieve the aforementioned outcome of a healthy garden.

With that said, here are 3 gardening practices to avoid:

#1: Too much pruning

Some gardeners take their gardening a bit too seriously by not only pruning and trimming their shrubs into a number of shapes and sizes but also top the trees as well. However, the necessity for pruning involves removing weak branches but also increase their exposure to sunlight and the air circulation as well. This is done for the primary purpose of increasing the vigor and strength of plants and trees.

#2: Not weeding everyday

Some gardeners tend to ignore their garden during the weekdays and instead spend way too much time and effort on uprooting weeds only during the weekend. This isn’t good for you or the garden you are cultivating. Just spend five hours in the garden everyday will prevent weeds from establishing a deep rooted system. This results in less effort for the gardener when uprooting weeds.

#3: Not tending to the garden in summer

During the season of spring, gardeners will do everything in their power to cultivate a beautiful garden by tending the plot carefully, improving the soil, the prevention of pest attacks and even irrigating the garden with care. However, as soon as temperature soar by August, they tend to be indifferent to all that their garden has to offer. It is important to tend to your garden during these months as well to prevent disease and neglect but most importantly, making sure that its beauty extends into the summer months as well.

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